Report on Council: November 13, 2012

Report on Council:
November 13, 2012
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Confidential closed session 1:00-1:45 pm
Regular Meeting: 7:00 pm – 7:39 pm
Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Warren,Wishart and Claire

Regrets: Mayor Millar

In the absence of Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence took the chair for both meetings

Georgian Bay Snowriders Club Permission to Utilize Tiny Trail for OFSC Use
On behalf of the Georgian Bay Snowriders Club, Bob Campbell addressed members of Council requesting a land use agreement for the use of Tiny Trail for snowmobiling. Council agreed, and directed staff to prepare the necessary agreement and by-law for consideration at the next Council meeting.

Draft Comments on revised MMHA Provincial Policy Statement
The Ministry of Municipal affairs and Housing Provincial Policy Statement is reviewed every 5 years by the Ministry. They requested that comments on the draft be submitted by Nov. 23, 2012. Kris Menzies of MHBC Planning was retained to undertake a review of the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). She found that there are no large issues that the municipality needs to be concerned about but some clarifications would be helpful. Tiny felt there was a need for greater recognition of local needs and municipal decision making. The province needs to provide greater financial and technical planning support to Tiny. There is also a need to revise servicing policies to permit development on individual/partial services in rural settlement areas. The Province needs to clarify the status of “privately owned marinas” and the term “harbor” with respect to “marine facilities”. Policies to address source water protection need to be added. The policies require future direction and guidelines to address “climate change”. “Settlement areas” need to define the difference between urban and rural settlement areas. At the moment if a land owner has a natural heritage area there is no procedure for severing and donating it to the municipality. Natural heritage or natural hazard features need to be recognized as a permitted use of lot creation in prime agricultural areas.

A draft letter containing these comments was reviewed. Council authorized Doug Luker, CAO/Clerk, to forward the letter to the Provincial Planning Policy Branch as the Township’s formal comments on the draft Provincial Policy Statement.

Commemorations Champlain Commemorations
Council considered a report from Bonita Desroches, Community Recreation Coordinator, regarding the submission of a funding application to the Trillium Foundation on behalf of the Commemorations Champlain Commemorations committee. The report noted the Township of Tiny would take the lead for the funding application and that a Memorandum of Understanding would be created to clearly identify the roles of the other participating municipalities in the event the funding is received. Council agreed to authorize sending the funding application to the Trillium Foundation

County Council Update – Heavy Garbage Pickup
Deputy Mayor Lawrence expressed concerns with the new heavy garbage pickup process which will be implemented by the County of Simcoe on April 1, 2013. He questioned how the Township Municipal Law Enforcement Department will distinguish between heavy items left at the roadside for County pick-up and items left on the roadside without the County’s consent or knowledge. He also noted that the Township will require clarification on the process (i.e. when someone has ordered and paid for a pick-up).

Report on Seminars: Sierra Club and Asian Carp Ecological Risk
Councillor Wishart reported on the threat of Asian Carp. Bighead and Silver Carp have been found in the Mississippi River. These fish are voracious bottom feeders who would take food away from Canada’s fisheries. They will significantly reduce the number of native fish in the Great Lakes region and will negatively impact the delicate food web. The reduction of these native fishes would reduce the number of predatory fishes. Preventing the establishment of carp is critical because once here these fish can survive and overwinter. Suitable spawning conditions exist in up to 57 Canadian Rivers and extensive wetlands are available for nursery habitat. We need to focus on preventing the introduction of these species into Canadian waters. The most likely entry point to the Great Lakes is via the Chicago Area Waterway System into Lake Michigan. The natural divide needs to be restored by blocking the Chicago drainage canal.

Communications Received re Canadian Wind Energy Association
Al Taylor sent a letter in response to the letter Tiny Council received on Oct. 29, 2012 from the Canadian Wind Energy Association. This wind power developer lobby group claimed that there are no property value losses with wind power. Mr. Taylor pointed to the 32% property value losses in Shelburne on residences within 2 km of the Industrial Wind Turbines and even higher losses on Wolfe Island. He also pointed to the Sellers Property Information sheet used by Ontario Realtors. The sheet has a section designed to divulge any characteristics of a property that may affect the buyer’s interest, such as whether any wind power facilities are proposed near the property for sale. It also asks about quarries, garbage dumps and flooding.

Correspondence re Impact of Low Water Levels on Georgian Bay
Councillors Warren and Claire expressed concern that the above-mentioned joint letter from the Mayors of the Towns of Midland and Penetanguishene and the Townships of Tay and Tiny dated October 25, 2012 in regard to “Impact of Low Water Levels on Georgian Bay” was neither received nor discussed by the Township of Tiny Council prior to issuance.

In the absence of the Mayor, Councillor Claire inquired about the communication process to other members when a member of Council is not able to attend a Council meeting. Doug Luker, CAO/Clerk, stated that the Township does not have a formal notification process, however staff will forward an email to all members of Council asking that members advise staff in the Clerk’s Department and they in turn will advise the rest of Council.

Moved by Warren, Seconded by Claire: that Council directs staff to send a follow-up letter to the recipients of the October 25th letter to indicate that it was neither received nor discussed by the Township of Tiny Council prior to issuance.

Councillor Wishart requested a recorded vote. The Motion carried, 3 in favour, 1 opposed (Wishart).

Termination of Negotiations for Wyebridge Property
Council discussed and voted on a Motion (Warren/Claire) to direct staff to terminate negotiations in regard to land acquisition near the Wyebridge Community Centre.

Councillor Wishart requested a recorded vote. The Motion carried, 3 in favour, 1 opposed (Wishart).