Report on Council: September 10, 2012

Report on Council:
September 10, 2012
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am – 12:58 pm
Confidential Closed Session: 12:22 am – 12:57 pm
Public Hearing under the Planning Act: 7:00 pm -7:08 pm
Regular Meeting: 7:08 pm – 7:38 pm
Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Claire, Warren and Wishart

Cedar Point Canada Postal Delivery
Correspondence and petition from Andrew W. Combes, President of the Cedar Point Cottagers Association, indicated that the residents and Canada Post have secured a satisfactory undertaking which has resolved the matter.

Petition for Safe Children Signage and Reduction of Speed Limit
The Committee considered a letter and petition dated September 4, 2012 from Martha Boyd requesting safe children signage and a reduction in the speed limit in the area of Tiny Beaches Road North between Trillium Lane and Concession 14W. Staff was instructed to provide input on the request for Council consideration.

Official Plan Amendment #13 on industrial wind turbines
Deputy Mayor Lawrence reported that the Township’s Official Plan Amendment #13 to control the impact of industrial wind turbines was on the agenda for the upcoming Corporate Services Committee meeting at the County of Simcoe. The matter was discussed, and Council agreed that it would not be in favour of modifying the amendment and would then let the County of Simcoe make a decision on the original adopted version. Simcoe County is insisting on the inclusion of the Green Energy Act in the official plan. Tiny does not want it included but if they don’t include it they will just be voted down at Corporate Services Simcoe County and at the provincial level. Tiny reserves the right to hold discussions with county and municipal staff to work towards a mutually agreeable clause in the new Official Plan.

Reduction of Securities for sewage by Le Villageois
Le Villageois de Lafontaine has requested a reduction of securities for the sewage system. Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, was instructed to bring forward a draft resolution to authorize that the existing securities for Sewage in the amount of $278,520 be reduced by 50 percent to no less than $139,260 in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Municipal Responsibility Agreement.

Proposed Champlain Look-out on Concession 8W
As the Council representative on the Historical and Heritage Advisory Committee, Councillor Claire presented a motion passed at the August 16, 2012 meeting. The Champlain Commemorative Committee is proposing to construct a lookout on municipally owned property on Concession 8W in commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of Champlain’s time in Huronia. The site might include an elevated platform, parking space and a boardwalk. Council directed staff to work with the Historical & Heritage Advisory Committee to prepare a site plan and budget (2014) for the Champlain Look-out project

Request to Erect a Sign at Public Beach Access (890A Tiny Beaches Rd S.).
Nearby residents requested that the Township place a sign to mark the path for public beach access at 890A TBRS. The width of the beach is a 50 foot laneway. Tiny does not mark boundaries but agreed to erect a sign delineating the public beach property. There are some situations where a public access ends in a private beach. They would not automatically put a sign at the beginning of the path because residents may not want to draw attention to a pathway to the beach. It is the policy not to comment on property other than that owned by the municipality.

Strategic Planning Session
Councillor Wishart requested that the Committee consider arranging a Strategic Planning Session to discuss two significant issues facing the municipality; the first issue being the Memorandum of Understanding with the five Parks and Recreation Associations, the second issue being the ownership of shoreline properties. The Committee agreed to discuss this matter after the 2013 Budget has been approved.

Wyebridge Parks & Recreation Association potential Property Purchase.
The Wyebridge Parks and Recreation Association has the opportunity to purchase land adjacent to the Wyebridge Community Centre which would allow an expansion of the parking lot. At the moment parking is a problem. Council has agreed to purchase the property and bear all acquisition related costs (legal, survey and appraisal costs) if the Association provides a certified cheque for $30,000. Under the memorandum of understanding when the Recreation Associations were formed Associations have the opportunity to invest in property.

Planning Act Hearing
Some twenty items of a “housekeeping” nature were presented for consideration by Shawn Persaud, Manager of Planning & Development. Nine items are intended to clarify definitions and imprecise wording in the present By-law No. 06-001. A further eleven items address site specific issues. Since no objections were raised, staff was directed to prepare the changes for Council approval.