Report on Council: June 11, 2012

Report on Council
June 11, 2012
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am – 11:41 am
Regular Meeting: 7:00 pm – 7:41 pm
Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Claire, Warren and ,Wishart

Parking in Front of Georgian Grill, Balm Beach
Council discussed the presentation at the May 28, 2012 Committee of the Whole meeting by Frank Papadopoulos, owner of the Georgian Grill, regarding the placement of picnic tables in front of his business and within municipally owned property. Council resolved to authorize the removal of all parking immediately in front of the Georgian Grill to permit the placement of picnic tables on public land between the Georgian Grill and parking spaces (30-minute Customer Parking Only) and to have staff work with the owner to purchase picnic tables, and the tables shall be signed for public use.

Bell Mobility Potential Use of Township-Owned Land
Council discussed the presentation at the May 28, 2012 Committee of the Whole meeting by James Kennedy on behalf of Bell Mobility regarding Bell Mobility’s proposal to expand its towers on municipally owned property. Staff was instructed to discuss the expansion with Bell Mobility and to report back to Council.

2012 Summerama Update
Councillor Claire provided an update on the 2012 Summerama scheduled for August 10 – 11, 2012. He reported that the Summerama Committee is proposing temporary road closures in the Balm Beach area for the event.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Council considered Clerks Report CR-021-12 dated June 11, 2012 from Sue Walton, Sr. Administrative Coordinator, respecting the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The report provided an overview of the Act and more specifically what has been legislated to date. A discussion took place regarding the proposed renovation of the entrance of the Administration Building.
On a recorded vote of 3 – 2 (Mayor Millar and Councillor Wishart opposed) Council directed staff to proceed with the tendering process excluding the non-accessibility items and that R. J. Burnside & Associates report back to Council at the conclusion of the tendering process.

Penalties Increased on By-law on Many Offences
Council passed revisions to several By-laws to increase penalties. These included higher fines for parking, noise, fireworks, signs and topsoil removal.

Concession 8W Road Allowance Maintenance
Councillor Claire requested an update on the maintenance program at the Concession 8W road allowance, specifically respect to the treatment of phragmites plants. Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, explained that the Ministry of the Environment has advised that the best way to control phragmites is to let the plants mature before spraying them. Staff will be reporting on the maintenance ofConcession 8W in July 2012.

Heavy Garbage Pickup
Deputy Mayor Lawrence requested an update on the process of the remaining items not picked up by the County of Simcoe after the heavy garbage pickup. Henk Blom noted that once the County has finalized its pick up, the Township is left to pick up the remaining items left along the roadside. Deputy Mayor Lawrence noted that the County should reimburse the Township the cost of the (second) pick up. Staff explained the communication letter to the owner when a secondary pick up is carried out by the Township.

Beach Management Program
Deputy Mayor Lawrence asked about the process staff is following when dealing with requests from contractors requesting access via municipally owned property to service waterfront properties. Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, explained that the Beach Access Permit policy will be considered for review at the next Council meeting.

County Council/Update
Deputy Mayor Lawrence reported that a special meeting will be held in early July to
discuss “Vision of the Future” a planning strategy.
A discussion took place with respect to the 2012 heavy garbage pick-up and whether or not it will take place in 2013. Deputy Mayor Lawrence stated that the matter has yet to be resolved at the County level in view of the new contractor who will service the entire County of Simcoe.

Bluewater Dunes Restoration Advisory Committee
As the alternate Council representation on the Bluewater Dunes Restoration Advisory Committee, Deputy Mayor Lawrence provided an update on the proposed signage to deter the public from walking on the dunes grass and the new location of the look-out and how it affects persons with disabilities. He noted that the matter of the location of the look-up will be considered by the Accessibility Advisory Committee at its next meeting.

Pay Parking Machines/Parent Park
Councillor Warren inquired as to the timing for the installation of the Pay Parking machine at Parent Park. Council directed staff to implement the Pay Parking machines at Parent Park in advance of the reconstruction of Balm Beach Road West.

Lafontaine Beach Park
Councillor Wishart reported that recently he witnessed someone driving a motorcycle within the Lafontaine Beach Park. He also noted concerns with area residents dropping off their garbage in the containers in the park. Council members agreed that a comprehensive review of the Lafontaine Beach Park (ie. garbage, signage, etc.) take place in the very near future.