Report on Council: May 28, 2012

Report on Council
May 28, 2012
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am – 11:40 am
Confidential closed session 11:27 am – 11:39 am
Regular Meeting: 12:35 pm -12:52 pm
Present: Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Claire, Warren and ,Wishart

Bell Mobility Potential Use of Township-Owned Land
On behalf of Bell Mobility, James Kennedy provided an overview on how cellular works and Bell Mobility’s proposed expansion on municipally owned property. As one coverage area stops another begins. A tower can cover 200 calls simultaneously but as the population grows so does the intensity of coverage. Fifty percent of new houses do not install land lines and in existing houses 50% of the time cell phones are used. The planned locations for expansion are in the Thunder Beach and Ardmore Beach areas. Under the Rural Data program the Federal government is helping to finance construction of cell towers and under the program they have to reach each home in the area. Fake tree or flag pole towers are being erected to blend in. Mr. Kennedy mentioned that the twelve-watt phones used in the area create havoc in the system because the phone broadcasts like a tower. There is a great need for a site on Christian Island to cover the beaches north of Ardmore. Signals travel readily across water.
Staff will report at the next Committee of the Whole meeting on the possibility of leasing land for cell phone towers on Township owned land to Bell Mobility.

Discussion of Cawaja Propertyowners Association Proposal for Management of Jointly Owned Property
The Committee discussed the presentation at the April 30, 201 2 Regular Committee of the Whole meeting by Andrew Poprawa and Andrew Chomentowski of the Cawaja Propertyowners Association regarding a Memorandum of Understanding with respect to the public use and parking in the Cawaja Beach area.
Staff were directed to meet with the Cawaja Propertyowners Association to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding and that By-law staff monitor the parking situation during the summer of 2012 and to report back to Council in the fall.

County Council/Update
Deputy Mayor Lawrence reported that a special meeting will be held in early July to
discuss “Vision of the Future” a planning strategy.
A discussion took place with respect to the 2012 heavy garbage pick-up and whether or not it will take place in 2013. Deputy Mayor Lawrence stated that the matter has yet to be resolved at the County level in view of the new contractor who will service the entire County of Simcoe.

Postal Code Change
Councillor Warren inquired about the notices sent by Canada Post as well as the
notification applied by Canada Post to the recent tax bill envelopes to property
owners who have not yet changed their mailing addresses. Doug Taylor, Manager of Administrative Services/Treasurer, advised that residents may call the Treasury Department to make the postal code changes.

Lafontaine Pavilion Washroom and Septic System Installation
Council considered Public Works Report PWR-028-12 dated May 28, 2012
from Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, regarding quotations received for the installation of a septic system, washroom plumbing and rubber matting for the Lafontaine pavilion.
Council resolved to award the Septic System Installation to S. Charlebois Haulage and Excavating Ltd. in the amount of $26,370.00; the Washroom Plumbing to William Downer in the amount of $18,211.00; and the Rubber Matting to Midland Flooring Company in the amount of $5,639.50 for two washrooms/$3.528.64 for the change room/$6,215.84 for the hallway. Costs are to be applied against Municipal Infrastructure Investments Initiatives and the balance of cost will be taken from the General Capital Reserve.

Balm Beach Road Parking Alternatives at St. Patrick’s Church
Council considered Public Works Report from Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, regarding parking along Balm Beach Road West adjacent to St. Patrick’s Church. Council directed staff to obtain feedback from the Township insurer regarding any extraordinary liability issues related to parking in this area. One option is to maintain open parking which would address the concern and maintain 23 parking spaces. It would allow parking at peak periods (Mass, weddings or funerals).

Georgian Sands Water Supply/EA Notice of Appeal
Councillor Warren requested information on the property owner (name and property
description) who submitted an appeal relating to the Georgian Sands Water Supply
Environment Assessment. Doug Luker, CAO, suggested that for privacy reasons
the name and legal description of the property of the appellant not be released in
the public forum. As a result, the discussion regarding the appeal continued in camera.