Report on Council: February 13, 2012

Report on Council: February 13, 2012
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am –12:18 pm; 1:00 pm – 1:58 pm
Confidential closed session 1:58 pm – 2:17 pm
Regular Meeting: 7:00 pm – 8:05 pm
Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Claire, Warren and Wishart present

2012 Budget Presentation
Doug Taylor, Manager of Administrative Services/Treasurer, provided an overview of the 2012 draft budget, including highlights of the Operating and Capital budgets and Reserves. The overall impact on property taxes will only be known when the County and School Board levies are announced. Tiny’s Municipal Levy will have a minimal impact. The budget includes $45,000 for OMB hearings, but an item of $15,000 for a proposed “Compensation Study/Organization Review” will likely be deleted at the request of Deputy Mayor Lawrence.

Proposed Expansion of Beamish Aggregate Pit
Les Selby of provided an overview of a proposed expansion of the K. J. Beamish Construction aggregate pit on Lot 80, Conc. 1, O.S. (Baseline Road). The application is for a license to produce 600,000 additional tonnes annually, and is a Category 3 pit, above the water table. An Environmental Impact Statement and hydrogeology study are in place. Council voted to receive the proposal.

2011 Septic Re-inspection Program
Consultants from C. C. Tatham & Associates provided a summary of the 2011 Septic Re-inspection Program. Some 1036 inspections were carried out in 2011 with 100 lots requiring follow up work. For 2012, re-inspections are proposed to continue in Concessions 1 and 2 (Old Survey) including Wyebridge, Concessions 4 & 5 including Wyevale, Concessions 8 to 15 including Perkinsfield and the south half of Lafontaine. In addition, Tatham will follow up with any lot owners who have not submitted pump-out records or responded to deficiencies from the previous year’s program. Council approved a four-year extension of Tatham’s contract to conduct the septic re-inspections, with a higher fee schedule.

Planning Amendment for Simcoe in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
Kris Menzies of MHBC Planning provided a clear and informative overview of the latest version of Ontario’s Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The implications for Tiny are that a reasonable number of new residential units can be allowed, but the Plan is quite unclear about how growth through conversion of seasonal residences is to be handled. Such growth accounts for much of our growth overall, but the Plan foresees growth only within existing settlement boundaries. The Plan at least may prove to be a catalyst to getting the County’s Official Plan finally approved, which can in turn aid Tiny in revising its own OP.

Georgian Sands and Lafontaine Water Supply Class EA
In response to Council’s request at the previous meeting to have a hydrogeological review of the aquifers and the quality and quantity of the water in the area of the proposed new Water Supply, John Easton of Golder and Associates provided the overview. Council voted to approve the Preferred Alternative as outlined in the Water Department 2012 capital budget, but the vote was 4-1, with Councillor Warren dissenting due to his continuing concern that sewage spreading could be curbed, and that some good wells were not considered.

Implementation of a Parks & Recreation Volunteer Management Program
Council considered a report from Bonita Desroches, Community Recreation Coordinator, regarding the implementation of a Volunteer Management Program. This program was one of seventeen resulting from the Memorandum of Understanding between the Township and the six Parks and Recreation Associations. Ms. Desroches proposes to organize a Volunteer Symposium Summit to unveil the Township’s Volunteer Program to key stakeholders.

Balm Beach Private Parking Spots
Council considered a report from Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, regarding the private parking spots located adjacent to the Surf Restaurant and the Georgian Grill at Balm Beach. The report included a surveyor’s plan of the area showing the property lines and parking layout. Council directed staff to obtain a legal opinion on encroachment and possible adverse possession of the existing parking spaces identified in the report, and provide Council with possible options regarding their usage, disposition and management. They also should investigate possible liability issues regarding the identified parking spaces.

County Changes to Leaf and Yard Waste Collection
Council expressed concern about the changes to the leaf and yard waste collection outlined in the County of Simcoe’s “Leaf and Yard Waste Collection” program for 2012. Council members wondered about the apparent lack of the uniform service delivery by the County of Simcoe.