Dead Fish & Birds in South-Eastern Georgian Bay cont’d.

Tiny residents: The following update was sent from Henk Blom regarding the pickup of dead birds. Please call the township to advise of the requirement for garbage bag(s) pickup.

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Subject: RE: Dead birds and fish on beaches
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 08:15:17 -0400
From: Henk Blom <>

Good morning all
Please be advised that we are currently proceeding to collect the carcasses of fish and birds washed up on Township owned beaches. Three Public Works crews totalling 12 staff, three loaders and three trucks are focussing on the area of Concession 1 to 10 inclusive. Once this area is done the balance of Township property along the western shoreline will be cleared. Collection of waste carcasses for private property will also commence as noted below. ( Friday e-mail).

We are currently working with the MOE, MNR, the County of Simcoe Waste Management and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to ensure that collection and disposal are completed in an approved manner.

Trusting this is satisfactory.
Henk Blom CET
Manager of Public Works

From: Henk Blom
Sent: October-21-11 4:18 PM
Subject: Dead birds and fish on beaches

Please be advised that we are continuing to receive calls from residents regarding dead birds and fish washing up on the shoreline, particularly concentrated in the area of Concessions 1 to 3 and sporadic  to Concession 6. Staff have been working on clearing the carcasses on Edmore Beach but due to the volume have not been able to complete the task today. To-date staff have taken the position that we will clean the Township owned beaches but private property owners are informed that they must resolve to clean their private beach as this is not in the Township mandate to do. Through discussion with the acting CAO Doug Taylor, and in consideration of the significant number of dead birds and fish, it has been decided that the following course of action will be initiated for privately owned beach property owners who contact the Township:

1)      Owners are to be cautioned to wear rubber gloves and a face mask while handling any carcasses.
2)      Owners may collect the carcasses and place them in plastic garbage bags.
3)      Carcasses should not be collected before Monday morning in order for the Township to assist in the disposal.
4)      The owner is to contact the Township before placing the bag at the road to advise of the exact location
5)      The garbage bag is to be placed at the end of the driveway, not in the garbage box.
6)      Calls to report garbage bag locations received after 2:00pm each day will not be acted upon until the next day.
7)      Bags should not be left at the roadside overnight as they may be destroyed by scavengers.
8)      The Township will pick up the garbage as soon as practical after being called but the same day.

Although this matter is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Natural Resources (Ontario) and is beyond the normal scope of work of the Township, the Township is providing this service as a means to assist residents in disposing of the dead birds and fish. Assistance is provided to residents who call the Township directly in order that we can avoid having bags of dead carcasses sitting uncollected on the roadside due to staff was not properly informed.

Trusting this is satisfactory.
Henk Blom, C.E.T.
Manager of Public Works
The Corporation of the Township of Tiny
130 Balm Beach Road WestTiny, ON
L0L 2J0
705-526-4204 ext.243
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