Dead Fish & Birds in South-Eastern Georgian Bay

The Ministry of Natural Resources is investigating several reports of dead fish and birds in south-eastern Georgian Bay. It says more than 120 dead lake Sturgeon have been disposed of in Wasaga Beach and more than 300 dead birds including ducks and Canada geese have also been reported. The Ministry says the affected area stretches from Collingwood up to Parry Sound. It believes botulism is to blame for the deaths, but is still waiting for test results to come back. According to public health agencies, no cases of human illness have been attributed to outbreaks of botulism in the Great Lakes, which is not considered uncommon at certain times of the year.

The MNR has issued the following tips if you find a dead fish or bird on your property:

-Make sure your pet does not eat dead fish or birds that have washed up on the shoreline.
-You are responsible for disposing of dead birds and fish on your property, so bury them or dispose of them in the garbage.
-Wear rubber gloves or cover your hands with plastic bags while handling the carcasses, and dispose of the gloves or bags in the garbage.
-Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the carcasses.
-Wash any tool that came into contact with the animal with a disinfectant.

Shoreline property owners and others who want to report dead or dying waterfowl may call the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre toll-free at 1-866-673-4781.
To report fish die-offs, call the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-866-929-0994.

Dead fish and birds have been seen in Addison Beach and Kingswood, and a resident diving on the Maple Dawn wreck spotted large numbers of dead fish on the bottom as well, if you see any follow the above advice.


NOTE: The MNR recommends that the dead animals be double bagged and put in the garbage vs. buried. Dead Fish And Birds In South-Eastern Georgian Bay