Report on Council: October 11, 2011

Report on Council: October 11, 2011
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am – 12:26 pm
Confidential closed session 11:07 pm – 12:25 pm
Regular Evening Meeting: 7:00 pm – 7:14 pm
Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Claire, Warren and Wishart present
(Councillor Wishart sent regrets for the Regular Evening Meeting)

Boundary Issues Along TBRN/Ardmore Beach
Richard Galas requested permission to make an oral submission on resolving the ownership of a strip along Tiny Beaches Road from Balm beach to TBRN 96. It seems that properties to the west of the road are “landlocked“ by this strip. This has been brought to the attention of the Township before. It was decided that the issue will be discussed on November 14th, when a staff report should be available.

Discussion on Speeding Problems at Farlain Lake
Council agreed that there is a problem at Farlain Lake, but this is a broader issue as speeding is a problem in other areas also.  A report has been requested from Public Works on methods and costs of traffic calming, their costs, criteria and trial periods.

Safety Issues in Jackson Park and Cove Area
CAO Doug Luker informed Council that they had neither jurisdiction nor liability over Federal waters. As a result Council resolved that it does not support the municipal distribution of buoys in the waterways due to liability concerns. (Note: They do have control over signage at the park, and in the past we had two Small Watercraft Committees fully supported by two separate Councils.)

Proposed Wyevale Park Master Plan
The question of a Master Plan for Wyevale Park was discussed. It was seen as needed, but there was discussion about how to fund such a Plan. It was proposed that Township land – Lots 29 & 30, Plan 51M361 – be declared surplus and be sold in order to help fund the Master Plan.  Several Councillors were concerned.  Deputy Mayor Lawrence said we should check the Park and Recreation finances and this could be putting the cart before the horse.  There is a need, but not necessarily funded by selling this land. A motion by Mayor Ray Millar, calling for staff to initiate, through an RFP process, a comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan for the Wyevale Park died for lack of a second.

Senior Staff Hiring Process
Councillor Claire expressed concern about the process for hiring senior staff (at the moment a Fire Chief is being hired).  CAO Doug Luker felt he makes the final decision.  Councillor Claire felt that was not clear and he felt that Council should make the final decisions.  Councillor Claire requested a review so that that by Nov. 30 there will be no uncertainty

Dead Fish and Birds on Tiny’s Shores
Councillor Claire noted that residents have reported sightings of many dead fish and birds on the shoreline. Dawn LaCroix, engineering technologist, presented information on dead fish and dead birds found on the shores of Tiny.  She has contacted MNR and more information can be viewed on Tiny’s website.  Tests are being done. Although the results have not been received at this time, the Ministry has indicated that the death of a large number of fish and wildlife is not uncommon at certain times of the year and is cyclical in nature. The cause is most likely due to botulism and no cases of human illness are attributed to this according to public health agencies. The Ministry has provided the Township with a fact sheet outlining the cause and what private shoreline owners can do to dispose of the dead fish or birds. This information will be provided on the Township website.
Note: there may have been thousands of birds washed up on Tiny’s shores. They should NOT be buried in the sand!

Budget Meetings for 2012 Budget Year
A slightly revised schedule for budget meetings was adopted. All meetings are open and start at 9:00 am on: November 2nd, November 23rd, December 5th

*** edit: this report as originally posted had an incorrect set of dates for the 2012 Budget meetings.  The correct dates are now listed in the post.