Council Reports: July 26, 2010


July 26, 2010

Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:01 am – 12.45 pm and 1:23 pm – 3:48 pm

Regular Evening Meeting: 7:00 pm – 7:21 pm

All members of Council present


Paul Hendrich, the CEO of Georgian Bay General Hospital, provided an update about the Hospital. Significant progress has been made over the past year: a balanced budget has been achieved as were great improvements in Emergency Department wait times (which are now among the shortest 10% in the province). In addition a full strategic plan and long term assessment system have been introduced. He noted that the two existing facilities are aging and would require approximately $80 million to maintain over the next 20 years, according to an assessment that the Province provides to all hospitals.

The month of June continued the positive trend in activity. June figures grew from $3,552,000 in 2009 to $5,917,000 in 2010. Year to date totals increased from $9,793,000 to $17,566,000.

Council continues to be in an awkward position as the County still has not decided on how many lots it will allow, pending receipt of the Province’s growth plan. Regardless, the County continues to ask the Township to proceed with a public meeting. Council was reluctant to do so when the issue of the allowable number of lots has not been resolved: it could be as many as 51 or as few as 20. The developer has the right to go to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) at this time. If the Township were to hold the public meeting then members of the public would be allowed to appear before the OMB. If a public meeting were not held then members of the public could not appear at the OMB hearing. That being the case, Council decided to proceed with a public meeting.

Council had requested staff to obtain tenders for a Septage Management Master Plan. The Master Plan would address Phases 1 and 2 of a Class Environmental Assessment Process. A Request for Proposals (RFP) was prepared and eight proposals were submitted.

A confusing discussion ensued. Councillor Claire and Deputy Mayor Lawrence were very upset that one individual was not asked to submit a proposal despite his request to be notified when the RFP was available. Staff acknowledged that this was an oversight. (We note that the information was on the Township web site and we would think that interested parties would be monitoring this site. The fact that eight companies did bid supports our thought.) The aforementioned members were insistent that the RFP process be redone.

Councillors Warren and Cornell, as well as staff, pointed out that it would be difficult to go back out with an RFP when the bids are now public information. After much redundant debate, the vote was 3 to 2 with Mayor Breckenridge voting with Councillors Warren and Cornell. The decision was for all members of Council to review the RFP for discussion at the next meeting.

Staff advised that they are meeting with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of the Environment during the first week of August to try to obtain approval to spray. If they are not successful, cutting will continue early in August.