Council Reports: March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:01 am – to 12:20 pm
and 12:57 pm – 4:40 pm
Regular Evening Meeting: 7:12 pm – 7:30 pm
Deputy Mayor Lawrence and Councilors Claire, Cornell and Warren present all day. Mayor Breckenridge arrived at 12:17 pm.


Council approved the continuation of this program. 1000 systems are to be examined this summer. Last summer, the first pass over the entire township was completed and re-inspections started again at Balm Beach for systems that had reached 20 years since their last inspection. The “shoreline” area from the Township line to the 5th Concession Road will be checked this year.
Among last year’s 1175 inspections, 300 sites had problems. The list of deficiencies requiring follow-up work is instructive:
58 lots had indications of vehicles parking or driving on the septic tank or leaching bed.
49 lots had root intrusions into the leaching bed area.
38 lots had an unsafe septic tank.
31 lots required more information from the resident.
29 lots had fire pits dug into the surface of the leaching bed.
29 lots had an outhouse that was in disrepair.
23 lots had a structure on top of the leaching bed.
17 lots had decks supported by the septic tank.
16 lots had a patio on the surface of the leaching bed.
3 lots had a boat parked on the leaching bed.
2 lots had an eaves trough drain onto the leaching bed.
2 lots had indications that the sewage was not being properly treated due to high groundwater table.
1 lot had sewage effluent breakout on the surface of the ground.
1 lot had grading/erosion deficiencies.
1 lot had a grey water system discharging directly onto the surface of the ground.
It is heartening to see that all deficiencies have been remedied for inspections done up to 2005, with only 1% outstanding for 2006 and 2007.

The dates and areas to be covered in the County’s Rural Broadband Expansion Program are still not firm. A representative from Bell advised that there will be a followup program which should see the entire township covered by 2013. Council is asking the County to provide a map of exactly which areas are currently covered.

This subject was discussed in the closed session at the previous meeting as there were several outstanding requests to purchase unopened Township road allowances (including one from BGWBA to purchase Oriole Pathway). We learned that, in general, “the township will not sell or transfer any property unless there is demonstrated and tangible benefit to the public”.

This By-law was amended to restrict the ordinary Class A open air fires to 1 meter in diameter, with a 3 meter setback from any combustible material (tree, bush, building etc), and to forbid fires between 2 am and 8 am and when wind velocity is more than 20 km per hour. For larger areas like farms, where more extensive brush burning may be required, a larger fire is permitted with greater setbacks under Classes B and C Burning Permits.

The five tenders exceeded the budget of $660,000 by a considerable amount. Council directed staff to explore a modular steel structure, which appears to be much less expensive. A community meeting will be held as soon as possible to explore the options that would meet the construction schedule. All going well, this meeting will be held on April 26th in conjunction with the evening meeting of Council.

Finally thirteen tenders are in and Council has awarded a contract to Steel Art Signs at a cost of $295,370.25 (including GST). In 2010, signs will be erected at the Main Office, 3 major parks and 4 primary township entrances. In 2011, the remaining major park (Wyebridge), 8 secondary township entrances, 4 minor parks and 10 settlement areas will be completed.

From the six RFPs submitted, Council awarded the contract for preparation of a Lafontaine Beach Master Plan to Genius Loci.

Councillor Cornell reported that the Huronia Airport has been approved for Community Adjustment Funding Intake 2 in the amount of $295,000 for the construction of equipment which will generate $30,000 revenue, annually. The airport’s long-awaited business plan is to be presented to member municipalities very soon.

Council has decided to merge pay-parking spaces and resident permit spaces at Jackson Park, and to give Resident Permit holders the right to park in any available space without paying. Signs are to read:
PLEASE NOTE: Township of Tiny Parking Permits
are valid in any parking space and are not required
to pay for parking at the Parking Machine.

In February 2010 activity totalled $793,000 compared to $164,000 in 2009. The year-to-date number is $1,317,000 up from $1,066,000 in 2009.

Council reviewed a letter from Dr Allan Crowe, Environment Canada, requesting support from the Township for a proposed study on beach issues, including water levels, invasive plants, E. coli, and wet vs dry beaches. Council agreed to send a letter and consider a modest level of “in kind” assistance.

NOTE: Spring Leaf and Yard Waste Pick up has been cancelled “due to timing”.