Inventive – and Effective – Fundraising

Inventive – and Effective – Fundraising
Every year, cottage associations come up with different ways to have fun while raising money for worthwhile causes. This year the focus was the Huronia Hospitals Foundation and the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre. The palm for inventiveness goes to the black tie and bathing suit affair hosted by Pat and Paul McDermott at Wymbolwood Beach. Bluewater Georgina Wendake had a 50/50 draw, Deanlea a fun day, Nottawaga a casino evening, Pennorth a pigroast, and a number of associations (Addison, Wahnekewening, Woodland) passed the hat or wrote cheques, which was also effective. 

On Thanksgiving weekend, The Tiny Cottager Challenge Cup will be presented to the three associations that achieved the best results – Nottawaga for raising the largest sum by far, Addison for the highest “small association” average household donation, and Wymbolwood for the highest “large association” average household donation.

This year, our combined efforts have raised $21,687 for the Huronia Hospitals** Foundation and the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre! 

**When we asked for an update on the situation at the hospitals, we were told: “At present the community task groups are on hold. The hospital board is currently in discussions with the North Simcoe Muskoka Local Health Integration Network, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Citizens for a Secular HDH to decide on the next steps for the hospitals boards and the review of the governance structure of the hospitals. The hospital boards will be taking the feedback from all parties involved to their next meeting on Oct. 4, 2007.”