Council Reports: April 24, 2006

FoTTSA’s Oral Submission to Council Re: Dr. Stubb’s Proposed Woodland Beach Recreational Park; County Denies Independence of Community Monitoring Committee; Airport Commission; Mayors and Deputy Mayors; Bluewater Park Environmental Restoration Plan; Annual Sand Removal From Walkways; Garbage Collection Day Change and More Frequent Pickup of Recyclables to Begin January 2007REPORT ON COUNCIL
April 24, 2006
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 10:10 a.m. – 2:48 p.m.
Regular Evening Meeting: 7:00 p.m. – 7:48 p.m.
All Members of Council present.


FoTTSA’S ORAL SUBMISSION TO COUNCIL RE DR. STUBBS’S PROPOSED WOODLAND BEACH RECREATIONAL PARK: Judith Grant, President of the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations, told Council that FoTTSA had retained a Planner to consider key documents concerning Dr. Stubbs’s proposed trailer park. She gave Council Schedule ‘A’ which was appended to the Planner’s Report, and which listed problems in Dr. Stubbs’s applications for Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments. These concerned conflicts with the Township’s “New” Official Plan and with the Provincial Policy Statement, and inconsistencies and discrepancies in the draft amendments. She asked that they be considered and dealt with before Minutes of Settlement were signed. She also asked that the Minutes of Settlement be released to the Association as soon as possible, as the date of the next OMB Pre-Hearing Conference is only a month away. For Schedule ‘A’, click HERE.

COUNTY DENIES INDEPENDENCE OF COMMUNITY MONITORING COMMITTEE: Councillor Ray Millar, chair of the CMC, observed that the County views the Site 41 CMC as a Committee of County. The County required members of the CMC to take a qualifying test and disputed the right of the CMC to issue press releases. The Committee does not agree that the Committee is in the control of the County. Those who sit on the Committee are residents who live within 3 km of the proposed dumpsite plus two representatives appointed by the Council of Tiny Township (currently Councillors Breckenridge and Millar). The County appoints one representative from County Council (Deputy Mayor Randy Robbins of Penetanguishene at the moment). Committee meetings are attended by staff resource individuals from the county and from the Ministry of the Environment.
The letter written to the County (and read into the record) by Councillor Ray Millar, as Chair of the CMC, stated that the CMC was created by Ministerial Order as part of the Certificate of Approval issued by the Ministry of the Environment. The CMC is thus, in his view, independent of County Council.

AIRPORT COMMISSION: Almost a month ago, at the request of Councillor Rob Panasiuk, the CAO/Clerk asked the Huronia Airport manager for the last year’s minutes, financial records, and insurance policy. He was told that no business plan has been prepared and that nothing was provided except this year’s budget. When he suggested that the insurance policy could be faxed over, he learned from Sue Cousineau that the airport is insured under Tiny Township’s policy and that the Township bills Penetanguishene and Midland for their share of insurance costs. He then asked about liability coverage, and whether there is exposure if the airport is not operated according to certain standards. For example, if the airport were closer to proposed dumpsite 41 than the required 8 km separation, would there be liability exposure from the hazard represented by birds? Staff is to report back about the matter of insurance.
Councillor Panasiuk then turned his attention to the issue of the possibility that the airport is not assessed enough, and that Midland and Penetanguishene may not be contributing their share of taxes for the Airport. The assessor for rural airports is to be invited to Council to explain the way the airport is assessed.

MAYORS AND DEPUTY MAYORS: Council learned from the Mayor that North Simcoe Mayors and Deputy Mayors and CAOs meet roughly four times a year, usually in the Council Chambers of one of the group, and that the agenda is prepared by the host municipality with everyone contributing. Councillor Panasiuk asked that the draft agendas be included on the Township’s Committee of the Whole Agenda so that items might be added. This North Simcoe Heads of Council group is not empowered to act, only to meet and discuss, and the minutes that are prepared reflect the essence of the discussion only.
Councillors Ray Millar and Peggy Breckenridge, suggested that it would be a good idea to have some meetings that involved the full Councils of the participating municipalities. And Councillor Panasiuk suggested that the Township try hosting a social gathering of the larger group to promote exchange of ideas.

BLUEWATER PARK ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION PLAN: Council selected AMEC Earth and Environmental to prepared a Bluewater Beach Environmental Restoration Plan. As the cost of this study is $42,000 plus GST, Andre Claire of the Bluewater Dunes Ratepayers Association expressed concern that there would not been enough money left in this year’s $50,000 budget for the park for erosion control, fencing and signs. He was assured that erosion controls would be put in place within two months.

ANNUAL SAND REMOVAL FROM WALKWAYS: Questions were raised about the way the Public Works Department “reinstates” walkways to the beach, plowing through dune systems.

GARBAGE COLLECTION DAY CHANGE AND MORE FREQUENT PICKUP OF RECYCLABLES TO BEGIN JANUARY 2007: A letter from the County informed the Township that there would be no change in collection days until the beginning of next year, and that weekly recycling collection will commence then too.




There appears to be conflict between the draft Amendments and certain policy items that need to be addressed and resolved:


Section B5.4.2 policy statement in the Township’s “new” Official Plan prohibits an Amendment to the Plan that otherwise would permit the development of new major recreation uses in the Agricultural designation. The draft Official Plan Amendment does just that. In the North half of Lot 24, Concession 2, the use permissions sought are connected to and form part of the proposed, new major recreational park within the North half of Lot 25.


The draft Official Plan Amendment regarding the North half of Lot 24, Concession 2, is similarly in conflict with Section 2.1 of the Provincial Policy Statement (1997, version)


The drafts of the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments, currently under appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, have some inconsistencies and discrepancies that need to be addressed and resolved:


The meaning of the terms “group camping areas” and “campground sites” should be differentiated, if there is a difference, or, alternatively use consistent language. The term “trailer” needs to be defined.

Albeit, the proposed tent and trailer sites are intended to operate, seasonally, from Spring through Summer, the paintball facilities are intended to operate Spring until the Fall. Is this actually representative of the applicant’s intention? There is no stated seasonal timeframe limitation for the operation of the proposed “group camping area” nor the “campground site”!

Controversial paintball adventure activities would be permitted throughout the Greenbelt designation in the North half of Lot 25 (Nipissing Ridge) and the sought Major Recreational designation in the balance of the 95 acres in the North half of Lot 25. Initially, paintball activities would be permitted on a trial / temporary basis on the Nipissing Ridge for up to two (2) years, through a Temporary By-law. The entire appropriateness of this activity attraction should be re-visited.


The draft documents (2004, and 2005, versions in my possession) should be “re-jigged” to reflect the style and format of the Township’s “new” Zoning By-law enacted in the year 2006.

The term “group camping area” should be defined.

The definition of “paintball adventure area” need not be included, because such is not listed nor referenced as a permitted use in the primary Zoning By-law Amendment.


The draft document (2005, version) should contain the definition of “paintball adventure area”, if it is in fact to go forward at all, temporarily.

2. The document suggests the inclusion of regulations for the “paintball adventure area”, yet none are included.