Council Reports: March 13, 2006

Confidential/Closed Session; Million Realty/Sunport/Balm Beach; Can Dump Site 41 Be Stopped?; Bluewater Beach Parking Recommendations; Airport CommissionREPORT ON COUNCIL
March 13, 2006
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:02 a.m. – 6:38 p.m.
Regular Evening Meeting: 7:08 p.m. – 7:44 p.m.
Four members of Council present all day. Councillor Pierre Paul Maurice present from 9:12 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


BRUCE STANTON, CONSERVATIVE MP FOR SIMCOE NORTH / SITE 41 / HURONIA AIRPORT: During Mr. Stanton’s “get-acquainted” visit, Council asked for his views on Site 41. He feels that there are good alternatives to dumpsites. As a pilot, he is concerned about the 4.6 km separation between the airport and Site 41 given the bird problem connected with dumpsites – and safety is an issue within the jurisdiction of the federal government. Also, as Mayor Klug and Councillor Rob Panasiuk pointed out, the presence of a dumpsite would stifle future expansion of the airport because a runway extension would further reduce the distance between the airport and the dumpsite. Ray Millar pointed out that Environment Canada, as protector of water resources, might have some powers in connection with the potential impact of climate change on ground water pressure (upward pressure is important to the engineering design of the dumpsite). Mr. Stanton said he would see what could be done on both fronts.

MILLION REALTY / SUNPORT / BALM BEACH: Roger Neal, owner of Sunport, confirmed that he has adequate parking for his motel and for his boat and seadoo rental business. He submitted a site plan showing the locations of 19 parking spots. He also said that he has only one washing machine, and that it is adequate for the needs of his family and his long term guests in the motel. That being the case, the sort of septic system planned for the site is sufficient.

CAN DUMP SITE 41 BE STOPPED?: Council is running out of ways to stop the County of Simcoe developing Site 41, but they’re still doing everything they can to hold off the evil day. During the in camera session, according to the agenda, they met with Harry Dahme of Gowling, Lafleur, Henderson, who has been advising them on tactics with regard to Site 41. During the regular part of the Committee of the Whole meeting they considered the carefully worded amendments to the Official Plan and to both old and new By-laws, which establish buffer zones and eliminate from the active part of the site the problematic northwest corner where water pressure is low. They directed that there be a public meeting concerning the amendments. There was reference to the possibility of extending the Interim Control By-law that forbids the development of Site 41. Councillor Millar asked for an update on transportation routes associated with the dumpsite.

BLUEWATER BEACH PARKING RECOMMENDATIONS: The Manager of Public Works, Henk Blom, submitted a report laying out the recommended parking arrangements connected with Bluewater Park — 4 permit parking spaces on Nicole Blvd and 9 permit spots and 5 open spots on Trew Avenue. Council approved the report and authorized the purchase of the necessary signs.

AIRPORT COMMISSION: No move was made to change the representation on the Airport Commission. Mayor Klug said that he would obtain financial statements and make a copy available to members of Council.


Institute of Environmental Geochemistry
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Elmvale Community Hall
7 p.m. March 31, 2006
“A fresh look at the pristine groundwaters of
Springwater and Tiny Townships”

WANT TO APPEAL YOUR ASSESSMENT? The date for filing for an Assessment Review Board hearing has been moved to the end of June and that for a Request for Reconsideration is December 31.