You Can’t Please Everyone But we’re sure going to try!

You Can’t Please Everyone But we’re sure going to try!

By Renate Lavis

For two years the Federation has held a dance at the Brooklea Golf & Country Club, and to be honest Mike and I had a real good time – However …

Some said the band was too noisy, some said the band was too expensive, some said Friday was definitely not good … which brings us to why we had the last dance on a Friday. No one – not the Brooklea, nor the Highland nor any other place that can accommodate 200+ people will book a Saturday in prime season without a dinner (May – Sept.). So now, we have made new and different plans.

Next year, the “Dance with me Darlin'” will be a dinner dance. (We won’t change the name in honour of Doreen Cheeseman who did such an excellent job with the first one.) It will be held in Midland on Saturday, July 21, 1996. We will have a D.J. to control both the noise level, music selections and requests.

There will be time to visit and chat with drinks prior to dinner if you wish. Between dessert and coffee we will hold the draws for door prizes and the raffle (I anticipate the usual generosity of our sponsors) and this will then not interfere with the dancing.

Have we pleased most of you yet? Tickets will be available before the 24th of May weekend – if your association has a meeting planned then or anytime before the dance we would appreciate being able to both inform members and have the opportunity to sell tickets.

It would help a lot if members and friends, who have time to help with details and ticket sales, would call me at 705-361-2739.

Thanks to all who attended the previous two years events. We hope to see you again – mark your calendar now – July 21, 1996.

Make a date to have a good time!