Your Council At Work

Your Council At Work

By Frank Hughes and Patricia O’Driscoll

Council meets on the second and last Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the municipal offices on the Balm Beach Road, Perkinsfield, to deal with regular Council business. All residents are encouraged to attend, be part of the democratic process and observe Council at work. The members of this Council are doing their utmost to make Council business known to those in attendance by discussing matters, giving some background information and explaining why a decision is needed before casting their votes.

Council meets earlier in the day, usually at 2:00 p.m., as Committee of the Whole. Council sits as a committee for the purpose of gathering information and hearing presentations from a wide variety of people such as businessmen, engineers, planners, lawyers, accountants and the Township department heads. Council does this so that the members will be able to make knowledgeable, educated decisions in solving the problems that come before Council. These meetings are public except when the committee goes in camera (not in public) to discuss: personnel matters, purchase of land and confidential matters involving solicitors.

Council meets as Planning Board to handle all matters involving
planning; these meetings are held on the third Monday of each month
at 7:00 p.m.

New Telephone Service Saves The Municipality And Its Ratepayers Money
Early in its term, the newly elected Council purchased flat-rate long distance for one Township telephone line. With the reverse calling feature, most of Tiny’s seasonal residents living in many areas of Ontario, are able to call the Township offices without charge. A notice was mailed to the taxpayers and included with the February tax bill. The flat rate service allows Tiny to save $300.00 a month on its telephone bill and give better service. Comments have been heard from seasonal residents that it is a pleasure to have the Township offer this service to its taxpayers.

Committee Appointments
Early in its term of office, Council advertised and invited its taxpayers to apply to serve on Township committees or boards. (see separate article listing the appointments)

Will there be a Sports Complex – Recreational Facility in Tiny?
In March, 1995, in response to a request by Councillor Ron ClÈment, Canadian Arenas Corporation (CAC) brought a preliminary proposal to Council with an innovative plan for a public/private sector partnership which would allow a new arena complex to be built without the taxpayers bearing the brunt of the financial burden. 

CAC would conduct the necessary studies to ensure the facility would become a viable operation. The facility could provide a new arena, a fitness centre, banquet facilities and other amenities. If the CAC does design, build, finance and manage a facility in cooperation with the municipality, the municipality, in turn, would be allowed to spread the payment out over a 25-40 year period. Councillor Susan Kronschnabl has been appointed by Council to be the liaison to discuss and more fully explore partnership possibilities.

Permit Parking
Permit Parking for Township residents will continue. Each property owner in Tiny is allowed two permits to park in any “permit parking” area along the shore. These areas are reserved for Tiny residents only. Permits may be obtained at the Township offices.

Parks and Recreation
Tiny Township Council has assumed control and authority of the municipality’s Parks and Recreation Central Committee. Local recreation committees run programs in the six hamlets of Tiny.

For some 20 years, Tiny Township has run a day camp during the summer months. The day camp is being advertised this year in The Tiny Cottager so that more residents and their children will be advised of this opportunity.

New Tiny Township Clerk
In March 1995, Council appointed Vicki Robertson, the former Deputy Clerk, as Clerk of the Township of Tiny after the former Clerk resigned in order to accept a new post in York Region.

Woodland Beach Subdivision

On April 18, 1995, Council, meeting as Planning Board, gave final
approval to the Woodland Beach Subdivision, a 45 lot subdivision in
Conc. 3. It has taken seventeen years, from start to finish, for
this development proposal to be approved.