Federation’s Annual Meeting Cites Successful Year

Federation’s Annual Meeting Cites Successful Year

At its 1994 Annual Meeting, the Federation reported on several successful initiatives carried out in 1994. Twenty-seven (27) member associations were represented at the meeting held, at Toronto, on November 22, 1994.

In his report, President Al Taylor highlighted the following events:

• A deputation to Simcoe County Board of Education on the unacceptable level of education costs.
• The winning of the lawsuit about shoreline property ownership by Rowntree Beach over the Province of Ontario.
• Successfully arousing Tiny Township taxpayers against market value reassessment. 
• Leading the election campaign to gain a new Council in Tiny (“A Tiny change can make a big difference”).
• Designing a new logo which now appears on our letterhead, business cards and embroidered shirts.
• Organizing two enjoyable social functions for the membership.

The urgent need for more volunteer help, because of the growing workload of the Federation, was pointed out by the President at the Annual Meeting. Several in the audience responded but more are needed.

The following were elected directors for 1995: David Blair (Woodland), Frank Hughes (Wymbolwood), Charlene Lowes (Pennorth), Paul Masterson (Thunder Beach), Patricia O’Driscoll (Rowntree), Al Taylor (Kinsgwood Acres) and Alf Zarb (18th Conc).