You Had To Be There

You Had To Be There

By Doreen Cheeseman

What were you doing on July 30th at about 9 at night? Were you swatting flies off the barbecue? Or maybe you were mopping up after a malfunctioning toilet? Well, you can be sure that 175 happy people were having a great time in your stead.

The Saturday of the August long weekend was the Federation’s first (and maybe annual) “Dance with Me Darlin'” event at the Brooklea Golf and Country Club. It was a dance not to be missed.

Live music and livelier entertainment was provided by Doug and the DeSotos who played everything from rock ‘n’ roll favourites, to romantic ballads, to hip-hopping polkas.

Band leader Doug Wood couldn’t resist putting the crowd through his own brand of hi-jinx. I mean would you, fellahs, drop your drawers to prove that you had the most colourful boxers in the room, just for a lotto ticket? Well, one brave guest did. And Doug enticed various others to win – a lady sans bra, a Yankee money carrier – but oddly no one in the room was carrying a __ . Hmmm…

In between floor-packed dance sets, organizers doled out a number of door prizes including a Braun coffee maker, a pine night table, patio table and umbrella, and for lucky Jim Cowden a brand new golf bag. Golf fanatic extraordinaire, Jim nearly broke the band’s decibel level when he shouted out “I won! I won!” Could you be a little more enthusiastic, Jim! Congratulations.

Present and scuffing up the dance floor were residents from: Pennorth, Ossossane, Pine Forest, Wymbolwood, Clearwater, Georgian Sands, Cawaja, Rowntree, Sand Castle, Nottawaga, 14th Conc. Kingswood, PeekaBoo, North Tiny.

Talk continues about making this an annual event. But in the meantime, for all you folks who missed the summer fun, a proposal has been made to hold a Christmas open house at Captain Roberts Table, on the Penetanguishene Bay.

Is anyone planning to be here for the holiday week after Christmas? If we get a good response, we’ll make the plans for Thursday, December 29, 1994, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., and you just have to be there. Call me at 416-783-2480 or 705-533-2009 before October 15, and we’ll take it from there.