Voting by Proxy – it’s easier than you think

Voting by Proxy – it’s easier than you think

If you cannot vote in person, ask someone (a friend or neighbour) who is going to vote to cast your PROXY VOTE.

PROXY GIVER and PROXY VOTE CARRIER An eligible voter may cast his/her own vote and a proxy vote on behalf of ONE other qualified elector who is not a relative, OR, An eligible voter may cast his/her own vote and the proxy vote of one or more qualified electors who are relatives. A “relative” means the parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister or spouse of the elector appointed to carry the proxy. Each relative must complete a separate proxy form. You can make plans NOW with the person you wish to appoint as your proxy voter.

N.B. A person cannot be a voting proxy for both a nonrelative and relatives. It is “either one or the other”.

PROXY FORM WHERE DO YOU GET IT? At the Township of Tiny Municipal Offices or from your home municipality. The proxy form is standard throughout the province it is prescribed by the Regulations passed by the Government of Ontario pursuant to the Municipal Elections Act.

HOW DO YOU USE THE PROXY FORM? Mary knows that she will be unable to vote in person at any of the polling days. At any time, Mary can ask her neighbour, John, if he will cast Mary’s vote by proxy. If John agrees, Mary can complete Box A and Box B of the proxy form (see reduced size sample of Proxy Form).

Before October 15, 1994, Mary can only fill out Box A and Box B.

October 15, 1994. On October 15th, 1994, or any day thereafter, Mary will complete the next box of the form. She signs and dates the Appointment portion of the Proxy Form and has her signature witnessed wherever she may be (Kitchener, Toronto, Florida, etc).

After Mary completes the Proxy Form, she sends it to John.

Nominations do not close until October 14, 1994. The Municipal Elections Act (Ontario) requires that the proxy form must be completed (signed, witnessed and dated) after nominations close. Thus, the Proxy Form must be signed, witnessed and dated on or after October 15, 1994.

HOW CERTIFICATION OF PROXIES TAKES PLACE. The proxy vote carrier, John, must have the proxy(s) certified by the Clerk; he must appear in person before the Clerk.

PLACE FOR CERTIFICATION OF PROXIES The only place where proxies will be certified is at the Municipal Office, 130 Balm Beach Road, Perkinsfield, Ont.

TIMES FOR CERTIFICATION (a) the Clerk will certify proxies on October 29, 1994, November 5, 1994 and November 12, 1994 (Saturday Advance Polls) between 12:00 noon and 5:00 p.m.

(b) otherwise, the Clerk will certify proxies Monday to Friday, including Election Day, Monday, November 14, 1994, during normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

PLACE TO CAST VOTES 1. Advance Polls An elector may vote in person or by proxy either at the Municipal Offices or at “The Place” (seniors’ hall), Balm Beach. 2. Election Day An elector must cast his/her vote at the polling place named in the Notice (postcard size) received (before October 29, 1994) from the Clerk.

On election day, the proxy carrier (John) must vote the proxy at the polling place of the proxy giver (Mary) set out in the Notice (postcard size) received by Mary from the Clerk before October 29, 1994.

Remember: proxies will be certified only at the Municipal Offices.