Time to make your mark is coming!

Time to make your mark is coming!

by Paul Masterson

The time is coming to stand up and be counted! The first advance polling date is October 29 and by the evening of November the 14th, election day, the new Council will be known. But, the candidates will not be known until October 17, 1994 when the nomination process is completed.

For two years, through the pages of the “Tiny Cottager”, your Federation has laid out before you the truth and facts about the administration and action of the incumbent Tiny Council. Statements, counterstatements, truths and untruths made by members of this Council have been revealed through the monitoring of its meetings. On your behalf, we used our democratic right to learn the political thinking and actions of those we elected in 1991.

For Example:

• We learned in the Restructuring debate that this Council chose to ignore the clearly defined concerns and directives of the vast majority of its citizens. • We learned that this Township Council sided with the Ministry of Natural Resource in it’s thwarted attempt to take ownership of private cottage lands on the shore of Tiny. • We learned that there are groups that use divisive tactics in their attempt to damage unity. • We learned that one councillor has a low opinion of many of us, that she identifies us as “bigots” with a dislike of “foreigners”. • We learned that this Council did not aggressively protest the unconscionable raise in school taxes by Simcoe County.

In the days to come before the November election, a number of individuals will commit themselves to stand for municipal office. Some could be members of this Council and others could be sympathizers to the philosophy and direction that this incumbent Council has followed.

We do believe, however, that there will be candidates that will have the concerns, hopes and objectives of preserving the environmental tranquillity of Tiny and will strive to return some economic sanity to our tax base. They will approach issues cautiously and constructively in the best interest of all the citizens of Tiny.

Who will be elected depends on you… Shortly after October 17th, the end of the nomination process, you will hear from us. We will advise you of the candidates who have been nominated. However, the choice of who to elect will be yours. It will be time to make your Mark!