The Federation is impressed…

The Federation is impressed…

With permission, the following excerpt is reprinted from a pamphlet prepared by the Cawaja Propertyowners Association.


Access to the Beach Access to the beach has not changed. Most of us have been property owners at Cawaja Beach for several decades. In that time, there have been many changes to the topography of the beaches and the courses of the rivers and streams. The trees, bushes, grasses, marsh plants, birds and animals that live on the beach and shore have been protected for the enjoyment of all, making Cawaja one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. We have a natural treasure that should be preserved by us for our families and for generations to come. We do not want our valuable natural assets to be ruined by parking lots, garbage cans and toilets. This is the responsibility of all of the residents of Cawaja. Let’s work together to preserve what we all love about Cawaja Beach.

Rowntree Beach Decision Property owners in Cawaja Beach should applaud the Court decision in the Rowntree Beach case. The Court upheld private ownership of the beach. Two thirds of the beach at Cawaja is privately owned by the Cawaja Propertyowners Association – that’s you! The Rowntree Beach case preserves our right to private ownership of our beach. Obviously, the Court decision is not popular with developers and construction companies who would prefer a public beach, leaving the way open for a development like Wasaga Beach. The residents of Wasaga Beach put up with vandalism, high noise levels by day and night, garbage and litter in the streets and on the beach, heavy traffic and an environment which is unpleasant and unsafe for children and families. The developers and construction companies laughed all the way to the bank. What is in your best interest?

Development Plans for Tiny Township Did you know that the provincial government had plans to develop 17 miles of Tiny Township’s shore over a 10 year period, at a cost of $7.7 million?

• parking was planned for 1890 cars per mile, for a total of 32,130 cars; • $72,000 was projected to be spent for washroom installations per mile for a total expenditure of $1.2 million; • 900 garbage cans per mile were to be installed, for a total of 15,300; • 1330 picnic tables per mile would be purchased, for a total of 22,610; •133 acres per mile were to be landscaped Some developers have not given up on these plans!

Tax Increases Nobody wants tax increases. If we stay united we can work together to ensure that our interests are protected. Tiny Township has recently been restructured. This directly affects our tax base. In order to maintain or increase tax revenues, the Township will argue that it will either have to increase our taxes or develop more land to bring in more and new taxpayers. This is exactly what the developers in our area want. We need to unite our membership, inform ourselves about the upcoming municipal election and lobby together to ensure that our interests are protected in Tiny Township.


What Should We Do? • join [your] association • make sure our beach remains clean, quiet and safe for our children and families • protect our tax base and preserve our property values by electing councillors in Tiny Township that will look after our interests • enjoy the rest of the summer