* Councillor Gail Barrie is a loyal fan of Tiny’s shoreline owners! — NOT TRUE

Councillor Gail Barrie said: “I think it is bigotry that motivates many of the waterfront cottage owners. They don’t like people they consider to be foreign. But they don’t like local people, either. I don’t think they really like anybody.” Toronto Star, pg A21, Friday, July 23, 1993 – (Councillor Gail Barrie affirmed this statement at Tiny Township Council on July 28, 1993).

* The March 15, 1994 decision in the lawsuit driving down back lot values in Tiny! — NOT TRUE

Eleanor Winter-Harris, Remax Realty, Balm Beach, stated at Township Council on April 27, 1994: “Property values of lots on the roads behind the beach have not changed and those lots are listing and selling well.”

Two other real estate companies confirmed this situtation.

Reports that property values of back lots have plummeted are simply not true.

* Tiny’s beaches being swept free of tourists! — NOT TRUE

Toronto Star (Mark Bourrie), Monday, March 21, 1994 (after the judgment) – “Within two months, residents with court orders and municipal staff with tow trucks will be sweeping some local beaches free of tourists.”

No such action has taken place or is authorized to take place.

* “Tow-Away” signs will be springing up like mushrooms after the lawsuit! — NOT TRUE

Toronto Star (the same Mark Bourrie), Monday, March 21, 1994 – “During the winter, the township’s staff has been busy. By-law officers have put hundreds of towaway signs near all of the road accesses to the eastern shore of Nottawasaga Bay beaches, including roads that lead to township parks.”

A check with the township Clerk, finds that the last tow away sign erected in Tiny Township was in July 1993 at a problem area in Balm Beach.

* “No Trespassing” and “No Parking” signs springing up like weeds in Tiny after the lawsuit! — NOT TRUE

Toronto Star (the very same Mark Bourrie), Saturday, April 16, 1994 – “Both sides are gearing up for the Victoria Day long weekend when the first flood of tourists will find No Trespassing and No Parking signs posted on the beaches.” Again, a check with the township Clerk, confirms that municipal “No Parking” signs have not been erected in the beach areas this year.

* Property owners “gearing up” to enforce a court decision! — NOT TRUE

Toronto Star (yes, that very same Mark Bourrie), Saturday, April 16, 1994 – “Property owners along 35 kilometres of Ontario’s best beaches are gearing up to enforce a court decision that gives them control of the southern Georgian Bay shore.”

The above statement is “creative writing”.