Who speaks for seasonal taxpayers on local taxation issues? NO ONE!!! The seasonal resident, better known as “The Cottager”, is the lost political soul in the area of Tiny Township.

There are four levels of taxing governments in Canada. The Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments as well as the local School Boards. The elected trustees of the local school boards are the only politicians in Canada who have not reacted to our national economic crisis. They do not realize that there is a very serious education funding crisis in our province and Simcoe County. They do not care that the local taxpayer is caught right in the middle of this crisis. If they did care, they would react.

The Federal and Provincial governments have both “held the line” on any further increases in funding, including education funding. This is a necessary, no alternative, responsible move by both the senior levels of government. However instead of carrying out the same policy, the local school board trustees have chosen to continue on with their spending, blame the senior levels of government for under-financing and pass the increase on to the local taxpayer through increased education taxes. This increase is both unacceptable and unpayable by an ever increasing number of both residential and commercial taxpayers. Our research has proven to us that it is also unnecessary.

The “Cottage Owner” is in double jeopardy because Provincial legislation does not protect them from this second level of education taxation. The first level being their Primary Residence and the second level being “The Cottage”.

Education taxes in Tiny Township and surrounding areas have increased 27.3% over the past three years. This increase is just the tip of the iceberg. Provincial governments, because of absolute necessity, have had to limit increases to local school boards. The current economic policy of the Simcoe County Board of Education DOES NOT follow this restraint pattern. The local school board has chosen a path of “Full Speed Ahead”. This path will double the education taxation in Tiny Township and surrounding areas in the next five years if the policy is not altered.

Tomorrow is here! Municipal governments including Tiny Township, Penetanguishene, and Wasaga Beach are staggering with unpaid taxes. In Tiny Township alone the unpaid taxes exceed one million dollars. The school board does not have to absorb any of this loss in revenue. In most areas of Simcoe County the education portion of the tax bill exceeds 65% and in Tiny it goes up to almost 75%! Education taxes in Simcoe County are out of control!!!

Seasonal residents should “Tune in and Wake up”. The issue must be addressed now. The local education taxation issue is as important to you as the issue of property rights. Years ago we learned about “Death and Taxes”. Now you must begin to focus on “Being taxed to death”. Find out, through your local trustees, all about the economic plan of the Simcoe County Board of Education. See, first hand, how this plan will affect the taxes on your seasonal residence for the next five years. As individuals, or better still as a group, ACT NOW!!!!!

If you are concerned about your taxes, please contact Jack Garner, Ontario Taxpayers Coalition, Barrie Branch, Phone/Fax 1-705-739-0163. If you want to contact Tiny’s Trustee on the Simcoe County Board of Education (public), she is Joan Jensen of Wymbolwood Beach, 705-361-2000.