Restructuring a Farce says Taylor

Restructuring a Farce says Taylor

The following quotes are from a statement made by Councillor Douglas Taylor at a regular meeting of the Tiny Township Council on May 13, 1992. Now a shoreline resident, Mr. Taylor served for 11 years as a councillor in Alliston.

During that time he participated in discussions for boundary changes under the Municipal Boundaries Act with several of Alliston’s neighbouring municipalities. The provincial government stepped in and replaced that process with a restructuring of South Simcoe County.

“In my opinion the (Ontario) Minister of Municipal Affairs, his bureaucrats and particular self-seeking members of County Council have perpetrated a farce upon the unsuspecting people of Simcoe County called “Restructuring”.

“While restructuring itself is not necessarily a bad thing, the process orchestrated by both the Ministry and County makes a sham of our democratic system of government. It would appear the Ministry took full advantage of some egocentric and ambitious County councillors who either don’t care or are unaware they have been relegated to mere Ministerial pawns. It is no wonder the people of this province and indeed the entire Country are so politically cynical.

“…the only reward for fiscal responsibility exercised by (Tiny) Township is to be penalized through both an 85% reduction in our commercial assessment and an unrealistically low, if any, compensation for our losses.

“The government will not be content until we are all equally insolvent. Somewhat analogous to a modern Robin Hood without the legendary sincerity of purpose and completely devoid of principle.

“The Minister…did not seem to get the message given by a large majority of our ratepayers in the November plebiscite. In fact the draft legislation (County of Simcoe Act) is close to completion and, it is understood, will be accompanied by a request for further comments.

“Mark my words, there will be no significant changes made prior to its tabling in the Legislature this September. . . All our plans for reasonableness to date have fallen on deaf ears. Even the County itself has turned aside valid grievances under the guise of procedural inadmissibility.

“I would strongly suggest that the government body take a serious look at its actions in the restructuring process and act accordingly. It is better to lose face than respectability.”