Pauze Dump Update

Pauze Dump Update . . .

• You will recall several years ago, it was discovered contaminants had been dumped over time at the Pauze Dump Site just east of Perkinsfield and Simcoe County Road 6.
• The plume of contaminants from the Pauze Dump and from nearby illegal dumping is moving toward Georgian Bay at the rate of approximately 50 meters a year, according to Ministry of the Environment (MOE) staff at Barrie.
• The plume’s location is 450 meters southwest of County Road 6 approximately midway between the 8th and 9th concession roads. It has migrated 1375 meters southwest of the landfill site, 75 meters beyond that predicted.
• Currently, some 50 test wells have been installed which sample groundwater at 30 locations. Groundwater is sampled at the top, middle and bottom of the aquifer, at approximately 50′, 100′ and 190′. Later in the year, an additional three wells are planned as Trichlorethylene (TCE), a degreasing compound has been detected beyond the lead well.
• The strongest level that can be detected of TCE, one of the major contaminants that makes up the plume, is 59 parts per billion. Acceptable levels of this contaminant in drinking water are 50 parts per billion, according to MOE.
• The plume is now approximately half way between County road 6 and the bluffs overlooking the Bay. According to MOE spokesperson Ian Gray, there is no immediate danger to wells in the area. The one area of some concern is the bluffs, where it could affect springs which drain to the Bay. If this occurs it is claimed there will be opportunities to collect and treat the affected spring water.
• The fine to medium sandy soil through which the plume is passing appears to be absorbing or breaking down many of the chemical contaminants.

A document detailing the study of the plume, recommendations and course of action being taken is available from the MOE office at Barrie. Call . . . .