FoTTSA Membership Form 2020

What Is the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations?

According to our Constitution, adopted June 5, 1990, the general purpose of the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations is to provide a township-wide basis for the affiliation of associations of individual ratepayers who own properties containing a seasonal residential dwelling or a residential dwelling in those parts of the Township of Tiny in the County of Simcoe designated “Shoreline Residential” in the Official Plan of the Township.

The specific purposes of the Federation are to:

1. promote the aims and objectives of residents of the shoreline communities of Tiny Township generally, and in particular to promote the aims and objectives of local associations of such residents;
2. promote the protection, enhancement, and wise use of the environment of the shoreline and the shoreline residential area of Tiny Township;
3. encourage and assist the formation of local associations of shoreline community residents in areas where such associations do not exist;
4. provide a forum for members to discuss issues and exchange information;
5. lend assistance to members in informing themselves on issues of concern and pursuing such issues to resolution;
6. monitor area development, considering the principles of sound land-use planning and environmental management;
7. promote the development of, improvement of and/or changes in policies of governments or government agencies where such action is deemed appropriate to the furtherance of the purposes of the Federation;
8. promote the adoption and/or enforcement of governmental laws, bylaws, standards or practices where such action is deemed appropriate to the furtherance of the purposes of the Federation;
9. raise funds to conduct activities furthering the purposes of the Federation, and to place funds on deposit with a bank or trust company in Ontario until required for such purposes;
10. hold lands or other real or personal property as may be necessary to further the purposes of the Federation.

Directors of the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations for 2019-20

Paul Cowley, President
Carusoe Bay Association

Linda Andrews, Treasurer
Wahnekewening Community Association

Lynne Archibald, Secretary
Nottawaga Beach Association

Judith Grant, Past President
Addison Beach Property Owners’ Association

Doug Moles, Vice-president
Nottawaga Beach Association

Doug Kirk, Vice-president
Farlain Lake Community Association

Scott Williams, Editor Tiny Cottager
Bluewater Georgina Wendake

Andrew Chomentowski
Cawaja Propertyowners Assocation

Tara Marshall
Bluewater Georgina Wendake

Katie Houston
Thunder Beach Association

Tom Goldie
Woodland Beach Property Owners’ Association

Robert McBride
Wymbolwood Beach Association


Member Associations as of March 2020

Addison Beach Property Owners’ Association

Ardmore Beach Association

Bluewater Dunes Ratepayers Association/Corporation –

Bluewater Georgina Wendake Beaches and Ratepayers Association

Carusoe Bay Association

Cawaja Propertyowners Association

Cedar Point Cottagers Association

Cleopatra Resort Co-Ownership Inc.

Deanlea Beach Association Inc.

Edmor Beach-Georgian Heights Ratepayers Association

Farlain Lake Community Association

Georgian Highlands Cottagers’ Association

Lafontaine Area Shoreline Homeowners Association LASHA

Kettle’s Beach Subdivision Association Inc.

Kingswood Acres Beach Association

The Nottawaga Beach Association

The Pennorth Beach Corporation

The Rowntree Beach Association

Thunder Beach Association

Wahnekewening Community Association

Woodland Beach Property Owners’ Association

Wymbolwood Beach Association


The Federation’s Position on Beach Access

The Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations owns no land and takes no partisan position on beach access issues. It is an umbrella organization, representing member associations whose individual situations differ radically one to the next.

The key principle which the Federation strongly supports is that decisions about beach access issues should be determined by those directly involved, on an informed basis, without coercion or confrontation. No mandated or “one size fits all” approach should be imposed.

The Federation’s role is to identify and clarify issues, and to convey objective information to our members, and others with an interest in these matters, so that they may make informed decisions. By way of example — in many parts of the shore, land ownership is not clear. In our view, one kind of information that is needed before negotiations are entered into or decisions made, is the report of David Lambden, the land surveyor and boundary expert, who is looking into beach ownership for the Township.

For more information, please see the article  “Who are we and what do we do?” from Issue #16 of The Tiny Cottager

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