Current Issue:

Tiny Cottager Digital Edition Fall 2019

Scientist Urges a Moratorium on Aggregate Extraction – p.1
Fall/Winter Events – p.2
Tiny’s Farm Crawls Continue Drawing Crowd – p. 3
Business Success Stories Promote Investment in North Simcoe – p.3
Report on Council – p. 4
Chris Figgures’ cartoon – p.  4
Farlain Lake: From Dry to Drowning- p. 5
Update on the Fight to Protect the World’s Purest Water- p. 5
Is Another Gypsy Moth Infestation on the Horizon- p. 6
Remembering WWI Soldiers from Tiny Who Never Returned- p.  6
Ransomware: Stick’Em Up – p. 7
FoTTSA Special Report: Your Guide to the 2019 Federal Election- p.  8
Tiny’s Climate Change Action Plan – p. 10
Bell Weather- p. 10
Protect Your Pets from These Tiny Township Predators- p. 12
What’s Your Tiny Heritage- p. 12
“The Best Radio Station Ever” Is Here in Tiny- p.  13
May 11, 2019: Beach Reps Meet for First Presidents’ Roundtable – p.  14
Culture Knows No Borders- p.  14
Mayor’s Golf Tournament Triumphs Over the Elements- p. 15

Tiny Cottager Digital Edition Spring 2019 

Simcoe and Tiny under Scrutiny of Regional Government Review -p.1
Spring/Summer Events -p.2
FoTTSA Boating and Swimming Safety Survey: Concerns and Consensus -p.3
Two Upcoming Family-friendly Bio-Activities at Tiny Marsh -p.3
Report on Council-p.4
Footprints in the Sand -p.5
Good News About Controlling Invasive Phragmites!-p.5
Tips for Selling or Maintaining the Value of Your Home -p.6
FoTTSA Special Report: The Site 41 Aquifer Is at Risk Again-p.8
Tiny Farm Crawl Returns with Two Events in 2019-p.10
On Hand to Help with Invasive Species-p.10
Volunteer Committee – Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament-p.12
Status Report on Accessing High-Speed Internet in Tiny-p.12
Georgian Bay Water Levels Continue Rising-p.13
Enhancements Mean GBGH Now Offers More -p.14

Tiny Cottager Digital Edition Fall 2018 

Teedon Pit Update – p.1
Fall/Winter Events – p.2
Shifting Real Estate Trends – p.4
Chris Figgures’ Cartoon – p.4
Report Card: Tiny Township Council 2014-218 – p.4
Opinion – Front Lot Owners Check Your Title – p.5
FoTTSA’s Response to O.P. Draft 3 – p.5
In Fond Memory of Richard Hinton – p.7
Tiny Cottager Reader Surveys – p.8

Volunteering on a Township Committee – p.9
2018 Municipal Election Special – p.10
2018 Municipal Election Special continued p.11
2018 Municipal Election Special continued p.12
Your Vote Matters – p.12
Care and Feeding of Your Septic System – p.13
Grass Carp Invasion? – p.14
2018 Water Sampling Report – p.15
Snapchat – p.17
Tiny Youth Drop-in Program – p.17
4th Annual Mayor’s Golf Tournament – p.18
Maker Space at Midland Library – p.19

Tiny Cottager Digital Edition Spring 2018 

Gravel Pit in Concession 1: Water Taking, Expansion – p.1
Spring/Summer Events – p.2
Shoulder to Shoulder at the First Nations’ Water Ceremony – p.3
Report on Council – p.4
An Update on Tiny’s Official Plan – p.5
Sign Up for the 4th Annual Tiny Township Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament – p.7
Preventing Microplastic Pollution in the Bay – p.7
Wicked Weeds of the West – p.8
Get Ready for This Fall’s Municipal Election – p.9
Tiny and Penetanguishene: A Major War Hero and His Pioneer Forebears, Part II – p.10
SSEA Invasive Species Program Update – p.11
Gordon Lightfoot Tribute Comes to Midland Cultural Centre May 26 – p.12
Grow Your Own Wildflower Magic – p.12
The Bay Studio Tour 2018: Preview – p.13
Bringing the Lafontaine Beach Park Master Plan to Life – p.13
The Boat – p.14