Reports on Council are compiled from the observations of FoTTSA volunteers. The observers also draw on information in agendas and official minutes available at Council decisions appear as resolutions and by-laws in the minutes of the regular Council meetings. All Council meetings are now live streamed and recorded: Council Meetings Live Stream.

Report on Tiny Council October 13, 2021

Movember, new administrative assistant. 

Report on Tiny Council September 1 and 22, 2021

Councillor Tony Mintoff resigns, deputation on climate change, LDD (gypsy moth) management strategy recommended by Chuck Stradling, Teedon pit, Simcoe County’s Municipal Comprehensive Review, municipal beach mapping, crosswalk concession 9 west/TBRS, SSEA weather station funded, council meeting schedule, Integrity Commissioner’s annual report, Centre Beach road speed

Report on Tiny Council Meeting August 11, 2021

Municipal Land Delineation, Short Term Rental Accommodation International Joint Commission (IJC) Presentation re Upper Great Lakes Water Levels, Hybrid Council Meetings, New Tiny Zoning By-Law, Bee City Designation for Tiny Township, Financial Covid Impact Analysis January 1 To June 30, 2021

Report on Tiny Council – Meeting July 21, 2021

Deputation re council’s decision (3-2) to withdraw from the LPAT hearing about the proposed extension of the Teedon pit, beach access motion proposed, Re-opening of township, OPP detachment board, firefighter classification and remuneration review, LDD (gypsy moth) infestation

Reports on Tiny Council – Meetings June 9, 21 and 30, 2021

Customer service strategy update, Severn Sound Environmental Association resolution, staff appointments, short term rental task force, covid relief from tax penalties/charges, Wyevale fire hall and Wyebridge community centre telecommunications towers, areas for speed limit changes

Reports on Tiny Council – Meetings May 18, 19 and 21, 2021

New zoning by-law workshop including short term rentals, cannabis cultivation, permits to take water, backyard chickens, outdoor lighting, flooding and septage; statement of diversity; Jackson Park boat launch user fees; recommended Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament recipients; minutes of Teedon Settlement – special meeting May 21, 2021

Reports on Tiny Council – Meetings April 7, 14, 20, 22, 26, 28, 2021

Virtual town hall, Mayor’s charity golf tournament, groundwater presentation by Dr. William Shotyk and Dr. Michael Powell, council meeting schedule, covid parking restrictions, updated noise by-law, Jackson Park boat launch, Church in the Pines, parking and emergency access roads, Sarjeant Company’s application for a permit to take water, short term rentals, projected unaudited 2020 year end financial summary, taxes, beachfront property delineation, solar radar sign placement, non-resident parking permits

 Report on Tiny Council March 17, 2021

Sewage septic reinspection program, UNESCO global geoparks, park ambassadors, grace period for tax penalties/charges , township library use, council complaints and inquiries handling guideline, non-resident parking permits. employee remuneration, Sarjeant company’s application for a permit to take water, committee of adjustment decisions

Reports on Tiny Council – Meetings February 1, 3, 8, 24, 2021

Parking by-law amendments, gypsy moth spraying, audited financial statements, teedon pit, staff appointment, phragmites eradication funding, new zoning by-law, budget, meeting schedule, short-term rental licensing

Reports on Council January 2021

Gypsy Moth Infestation, Granting of a 10-Year PTTW to the Owner of the Teedon Pit, Removal of Beaver Dam, Appointment of a Member Of Council to The Committee of Adjustment

Reports on Council November 9 and 30 and December 9 and 21, 2020

Short Term Rental news, gypsy moths, road safety, parking strategy changes, new Council meeting schedule, staff appointments, County Council budget, Transit & Transportation Master Plan, Teedon Pit Expansion, zoning bylaw review, trails and snow mobile clubs

Report on Council October 19, 2020

Gypsy moths, road safety deputations follow-up, Golf-a-Thon charity donations, outdoor rinks, staff appointments

Report on Council September 9 and 28, 2020

Road safety, Delineation of Township beach property, Pine Forest road surface issues, Bell communications towers, Budget meeting dates, Recovery Plan, Parking, Short-Term Rentals, Internet, COVID-19 financial impact, CAO recruitment

Report on Council August 17, 2020

FoTTSA Letter re high water levels and A Declaration Of Climate Emergency, FoTTSA Letter re Gypsy Moth infestation, ATVs in Tiny, Charities to be supported by the 2020 Mayor’s Charity Golf-A-Thon, Advisory Committees of Council, Face coverings By-law, Council meeting schedule for remainder Of 2020, Target date for reopening the Township Offices, Water rate and usage

Report on Council July 6 and 27, 2020

GBGLF Deputation, North Simcoe Waste Facility, Viasat Satellite Antenna, MHBC Planning Re Proposed Updates to Growth Plan And Proposed Solar Energy Policies

Report on Council June 15, 2020

GBGLF deputation, Invasive species report

Report on Council May 25, 2020

FoTTSA deputation re short term rentals, cash flow financial update, temporary beach encroachments, building permit activity, broadband service at Tiny Township and Wyebridge Community Centres, North Simcoe Family Health Team, Virtual Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament, solar speed signs

Report on Council April 15 & 27, 2020

Financial Relief to Residents And Businesses, Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, Community Library Box at Bluewater Dunes, Modifications to Tiny’s Official Plan, Sewage System Reinspection Program, Phragmites Control, By-Law Enforcement Related to Covid-19 Provincial Orders, Financial Implications Related to Covid-19 Pandemic, Council’s Meeting Schedule Under Emergency Declaration

Report on Council March 9, 2020

Regulatory Changes to the Aggregate Resources Act, Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament Recipients Approved, Building Needs Committee Update, Site Plan Application by Orok Enterprises Inc (Stubbs) for Georgian Bay Park, Part Lot 25, Concession 2 West, Busk til’ Dusk Events at Balm Beach, Report re Plan 691 Beach, Plan 779 Beach, Wahnekewening Beach and Silver Birch Beach

Report on Council February 10 & 27, 2020

New Administrative Building for Tiny, Amendment to Sarjeant’s Site Plan, Viasat Satellite Antenna Facility proposed for Concession 14 East, Broadband Funding

Report on Council January 13 & 27, 2020

2020 Budget Presentation, Teedon Pit Extension update, Deputation by Bonnie Pauze, Pools and hot tubs on shore, Proposed Bell Mobility telecommunications tower

Report on Council December 9, 2019 and 2020 Budget Meetings November 4, November 20 & December 9, 2019

Deputation by FoTTSA Director Tara Marshall regarding aggregate extraction in Concession 1; 2020 Town Hall Meetings; increasing pay parking rates; Southern Georgian Bay Family Physician Recruitment Program; Farlain Lake Community Association; 2% tax rate increase; a proposed water study of the Waverley Uplands

Report On Council November 13 & 25, 2019 

Sarjeant Waverley pits 1 & 2, aggregate licence application review; new complaint process: property standards and clean yards by-laws, short term rental information, noise control by-law; sandbags at Farlain Lake; encroachment policy extended for two years; Georgian Bay Great Lakes Foundation update; Rural Ontario Municipal Association annual conference delegations; telecommunications tower at Champlain road

Report on Council October 16 and 28, 2019

Sarjeant Pits – Amending Agreement to the French Road Haul Route Agreement, High Water at Farlain Lake, Use of Public Beach at Wahnekewening by Residents, Short Term Rentals, Free Resident Parking Permit, The Cultural Alliance in the Heart of Georgian Bay, Changes to the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA), Telecommunications Tower Proposal at 771 Champlain Road, Parking at Thunder Beach

Report on Council September 9 & 30, 2019

Dates of 2020 Budget Meetings, Outcome of Balm Beach Fun Day, September 19, 2019 Town Hall Meeting, 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, Telecommunications Tower for the Balm Beach area, Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, Updated Provincial Policy Statement, new Municipal Administrative Building

Report on Council August 12 & 26, 2019

Dates of 2020 Budget meetings, Tagging of items at Wahnekewening beach, Road improvement agreement between Tiny and the Sarjeant Company, Playground to be installed at Balm Beach 

Report on Council July 8 & 29, 2019

Announcements, Innisfil transit by Uber, Awenda Park blockade, Broadband & cellular access, Boating speed limit along shoreline, Clean yards & property standards, Proposed telecommunications tower

Report on Council June 10 & 24, 2019

Town Hall Meeting, Boating safety, Nitrate fertilizers in Lafontaine/Georgian Sands, Internet, Telecommunications tower near Cedar Point Road,  Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan

Report on Council May 13 & 27, 2019

Battle of Georgian Bay Re-enactment, Mayor’s Charity Golf Tournament, weddings on public beaches, wind turbine policy, grant money, Cawaja, Bluewater Beach, Regional Government Review

Report on Council April 8, 17 & 29, 2019

Recreational water surveillance, climate change action plan, Tiny Strategic Plan workshop, 2019 taxes, urban chickencoops, slowdown in building activity, partial road allowance closure at Thunder Beach 

Report on Council March 11 & 25, 2019

Township’s Comments Letter to the MNRF about the Extension of the Teedon Pit in Concession 1, FoTTSA’s 24 March letter to Council about the Teedon Pit, Regional Culture Committee created, Internet and Cell Service Ad Hoc Committe created, 2019 Budget approved, Committee appointments, Bluewater Dunes Ratepayers Association Community Bulletin Board, Sewage System Reinspection Program, Legal Representation re: Teedon Pit Extension Application

Report on Council January 14 and 30, 2019

Announcements, Cannabis & Smoking, Bill 66, Doors Open Ontario, Aggregate Extraction, Free Parking Permits, Budget, Council & Staff Compensation Review, Items for Further Discussion