Advertising in The Tiny Cottager – The Best Way to Reach your Tiny Township Customers

In this hyper competitive era, when consumers have more choice than ever, how are you getting your message out to your desired audience?

The Tiny Cottager has been delivering essential information and news to over 10,000 Tiny homeowners and businesses for 25 years. It’s a twice yearly must-read, providing thoughtful, well researched local content available nowhere else.

We’re also the only print publication in Tiny guaranteed to reach virtually every business and residence, and now we’re offering advertisers even greater exposure through a subscription e-newsletter broadcast 5-6 times a year, and a revitalized website with ever-changing content.

5 vital reasons to advertise in The Tiny Cottager:

o Over 85% of survey respondents rated ads in The Tiny Cottager as useful or very useful*

o The Tiny Cottager reaches Tiny residents at key moments — each issue is mailed just before the Thanksgiving and Victoria Day weekends to over 10,000 Tiny homeowners and businesses, e-mailed to over 1000 digital subscribers, and posted immediately on the Tiny Cottager website

o 83% of respondents always or usually read The Tiny Cottager

o The Tiny Cottager is read by multiple household members: 70% of delivered issues are read by 2 or more readers

o The Tiny Cottager has a long life — over 80% of respondents keep their copy at least a week and 12% keep it forever

Increase exposure to your ad with these additional FoTTSA advertising opportunities:
FoTTSA Flash newsletter, broadcast 5-6 times a year to over 1000 subscribers
• The Tiny Cottager website, refreshed and relaunched with content updated regularly

Make The Tiny Cottager an essential component of your advertising strategy!

Irena Romanko             705-533-0705
Linda Andrews       705-533-2802 or 416-485-4903

*Based on almost 400 reader responses to the June 2018 Tiny Cottager survey

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