Save Our Water: Help Us Stop the Expansion of the Teedon Gravel Pit

Wednesday July 17th at 2:30 pm – Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, will be speaking at the Teedon Pit gate about the environmental threats posed by the pit.

FoTTSA has joined the fight against the expansion of the Teedon Gravel Pit (northward) and the renewal of its permit to take water:

  • This quarry is in Tiny Township near the aquifer that supplies pure water for most of North Simcoe and beyond and was threatened over 10 years ago by Dump Site 41.
  • Residents near Teedon Pit who rely on groundwater began reporting silt in wells and local streams soon after the aggregate operation expanded in 2009. Silt has also been observed recently in the artesian well water at the water kiosk on County Road 27 just north of Elmvale.
  • In addition to the environmental risks posed by the extraction and the washing of gravel so close to the aquifer, the quarry running at capacity would mean 40 trucks an hour arriving and leaving the pit.
  • The Township of Tiny is being sued by the pit owners, CRH Canada Group Inc, because the Township did not alter its Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw to allow for the northward expansion into French’s Hill. FoTTSA supports Tiny Council and has been granted party status in the lawsuit.
  • The environmental consequences for the future are so serious that the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA) has agreed to represent FoTTSA pro bono.

See before after pit photos and find out the easy things you can do to help save our water! We all live downstream!