Save our Water Update – FoTTSA delivers Objector Response and Expert Opinion from Hydrogeologist

In a 23 page letter dated January 3, 2020, CRH Canada Group Inc claimed to have resolved all the issues raised by individuals and groups who submitted comments about its intention to extend the Teedon Pit in Concession 1 of Tiny Township north into French’s Hill. FoTTSA believes that the main concerns about protecting the water in the Alliston Aquifer have not been resolved. On January 29th, 2020 FoTTSA hand-delivered its Objector Response letter as well as an expert opinion from hydrogeologist Wilf Ruland to CRH and to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Read FoTTSA’s letter here and the hydrogeologist’s expert opinion here. Read CRH’s letter here