Save our Water: Stop the Expansion of the Teedon Gravel Pit

Find out how you can help! FoTTSA has joined the fight against the expansion of the Teedon Gravel Pit (northward) and the renewal of its permit to take water. This quarry is in Tiny Township near the aquifer that supplies pure water for most of North Simcoe and beyond and was threatened over 10 years ago by the proposal to establish Dump Site 41. Residents near Teedon Pit who rely on groundwater began reporting silt in wells and local streams soon after the aggregate operation expanded in 2009, though the connection between the pit operation and the impacts on wells is disputed by the province and the pit.  Silt has also been observed recently in the artesian well water at the water kiosk on County Road 27 just north of Elmvale.

Here’s how you can help!