Province’s Regional Government Review – update from Tiny Mayor Cornell

In his Mayor’s Monthly Message for March, 2019, Township of Tiny Mayor George Cornell gave the following update about the Ontario Regional Government Review:

On January 15, 2019, Minister Clark announced that the Government of Ontario would be moving forward with its commitment to undertake a review of regional government. As part of the consultation process associated with this review, the Mayor and CAO were invited to meet with one of the two Provincial Advisors on February 19th. The purpose of this meeting was for each municipality (82 impacted in total) to have time for discussion around three key areas: municipal governance, decision making and service delivery.

With respect to the Township of Tiny, feedback from both Council and staff supports an approach which looks at continued and expanded sharing of services between jurisdictions where economically feasible and fiscally prudent. The Township is also open to investigating new partnerships and potential efficiencies with lower-tier municipalities and at the County level to enhance its service delivery model. The Township does not support a forced amalgamation due to the potential costs and negative impact on local autonomy and decision making. The Township of Tiny is committed to working with the Province and the County on this important review.

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