Tiny Council Meeting January 14, 2019: Private Recreational Cannabis Retail Stores in Tiny

The Province of Ontario has committed to allowing private recreational cannabis retail stores throughout Ontario starting April 1, 2019. At its Committee of the Whole Meeting on January 14, 2019, Council will be reviewing its option to opt out of allowing private recreational cannabis retail stores to be located in the Township of Tiny. This is a one-time opportunity and the decision to opt out must be made by January 22, 2019. There is an opportunity to opt in at any time, but there are funding implications if the municipality
opts out initially.
Tiny Council invites residents to attend the meeting to learn more about the legislation and its impact on the municipality, as well as to voice any concerns about the possibility of private recreational cannabis retail stores being located in the Township.
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For more information: Sue Walton, Director of Legislative Services/Clerk  705-526-4204 ext. 225 swalton@tiny.ca