Report on Council: February 11, 2013

Report on Council:
February 11, 2013
Committee of the Whole Meeting: 9:00 am – 12:21 pm; 12:50 pm – 1:34 pm
Regular Meeting: 7:00 pm – 7:27 pm
Mayor Millar, Deputy Mayor Lawrence, Councillors Claire, Warren, Wishart

2013 Budget Presentation
Council received and discussed a presentation from Doug Taylor, Manager of Administrative Services/Treasurer, of the 2013 operating and capital budgets, and the reserve accounts. Mayor Millar asked that his objection to the Septage Management and EA be noted, but given that this program had been previously approved, he will vote to approve the budget overall.

Appointment of members of the Septage Management Study Committee
By a vote of 4 -1 (Mayor Millar opposed), Council voted to re-appoint the members of the Study Committee for Phases 3 and 4 of the Study, subject to their acceptance.

Septic Re-inspection Program
Rex Meadley and Bill Goodale of C,C, Tatham & Associates reported on the 2012 re-inspection program. Some 1260 inspections were carried out, with 114 systems requiring follow-up work. In 2013, re-inspections will concentrate on the northeast quadrant of the Township, including Toanche, Farlain Lake and Champlain Toad. There will also be follow-up from 666 lot owners who have not submitted pump-out records or responded to previous deficiency orders. They noted that Ontario Regulation 315/10 has now come into force and Tiny has had to modify its inspection program so that all systems in well head protection zones are inspected every 5 years. It has come to the attention of Tiny that some seasonal residents don’t receive letters regarding the re-inspection program and the requirement to submit a septic/holding tank pump out report. To remedy this, staff is proposing that a notice be left on initial inspection of properties where no one is home stating that the owners need to submit the report. Common problems of septic systems include: roots clogging the system, driving on the bed, fire pits on bed. Some owners have been taken to court for failure to comply.

Sustainable Severn Sound
Luke Raftis, Sustainability Coordinator, gave an update on the past year’s activities. The organization has developed a template for municipalities to develop tree bylaws. In conjunction with Lakehead University it provided a forum for students to present their research results and thereby engage youth in environmental concerns. It put on sustainability for small business workshops in North Simcoe. It launched an invasive species awareness campaign. Some garden centres still sell invasive species.

MHBC Planning report and the County Official Plan
Kris Menzies of MHBC Planning appeared before Council to present her concerns regarding Simcoe County’s Official Plan. Given that Tiny’s predominant development pattern is along the shoreline, Kris would like to discuss with the County its rationale for removing the Shoreline designation in Simcoe’s Official Plan. Tiny would look to discuss a strategy for proceeding with future growth and development within the shoreline communities. Tiny wants to review the need for full or communal services for residential lots associated with country recreational facilities that take advantage of natural features, including water bodies. Council directed the Township Solicitor, Barriston LLP, to apply for party status to address shoreline property issues at the Ontario Municipal Board hearing scheduled for March 5.

Policing Costs for 2012 and Estimate for 2013
Doug Taylor, Manager of Administrative Services/Treasurer, reported that the Township’s OPP policing cost was $1,765,345, but a rebate of $125,573 based on actual services was received. This will be put into a Policing Services Reserve account. The OPP’s estimated cost for 2013 is $1,692,734 (Tiny’s initial budget estimate was $1,818,307).

Proposed Changes to Parking on Concession Roads 1-18
Given residents’ concerns about on-street parking and the Fire Chief’s need for sufficient road width for Emergency Access of vehicles, staff have recommended the following changes to parking on concession roads.
Concession 4 West: No parking both sides of road to County Rd. 29
Concession 5 West: No parking extended .2km
Concession 9 West: No parking both sides for 600 m. to base of ridge
Concession 11 West: No parking both sides to Brook Ave.
Concession 14 West: No parking
Concession 17 West: No parking to Poplar Dr.
The total cost of signage is estimated at $9,000 for material and labour to be taken from the capital reserve fund. Costs for mailing a notice of proposed changes to affected residents is estimated at $300. All signage can be placed starting April 1, 2013.

Council also discussed special concerns about parking at Cawaja Beach, the Bluewater Subdivision and the Pennorth and Lackie Crescent areas. Henk Blom, Manager of Public Works, had provided reports on all three areas but Councillors felt that further consideration was needed and voted 3 – 2 (Mayor Millar and Councillor Wishart opposed) to defer these reports.

Discussion of Chair Rotation for Committee of the Whole Meetings
Mayor Millar asked Council members if they would be agreeable to chairing future meetings of the Committee of the Whole on a rotating basis. This is allowed by the Township`s Procedural By-law. With the exception of Council Wishart, Councillors agreed to do so, and the February 21, 2013 meeting will be chaired by Councillor Warren.